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Name:The Playground
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Some days you want to talk about serious stuff. Other days you just wanna play.

The Playground is a meme community designed to have a heavier focus on non-romance, non-smut memes. Fluff is still allowed, but we heavily encourage the creation of a more diverse set of memes to cater towards a wider audience. Action? Comedy? Pure slice of life? This is the place for that.

Unfortunately, we need rules for this sort of thing, so here they are:

1. Pure smut memes are not allowed, even as callbacks. If you want sex memes, we kindly suggest [community profile] bakerstreet, [community profile] love_hotel_ooc, or [community profile] redlightstreet. They should be able to satisfy that need. That said, if you want smut OPTIONS in an otherwise general meme, feel free. The mods reserve the right to remove inappropriate memes.

2. OOC memes are straight up not allowed. Again, feel free to go to [community profile] bakerstreet for those sorts. We know those can be fun, but this comm is not intended for that.

3. Any meme that is posted may not be posted again for 14 days. In other words, if somebody posts the "I Just Want to Cuddle" meme, then someone else may not post the same meme until 14 days after the post date. Repeats before that time will be removed by the mods. Please do not attempt to circumvent this by attempting to reword the same meme, as it will also be removed.

4. Shoutouts to memes on other comms are allowed as long as the same rules for memes posted to the main comm are followed: No smut, no repeats.

5. Don't be a jerky jerk face. We may be a meme comm, but we will still ban players who harass others.

6. The mod account is [personal profile] playground_monitor. Feel free to PM for any concerns.
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